Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is it safe to use an antibiotic cream for people on a cat's external wound?

I have just noticed on my cat's belly three small flesh wounds, he probably got scratched climbing a tree or he possibly got into a small fight. The wounds are about 3.5 mm round. I was thinking of putting some antibiotic cream to disinfect the wound as a precaution. I have several antibiotic creams at home: Neosporin and Neobacitracine. I will defnitly be taking the cat first thing in the morning to the vet to get it disinfected properly.

Any comments on the cream?Is it safe to use an antibiotic cream for people on a cat's external wound?
My vet has recommended using neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment for wounds on my dogs. That should be fine until you can get him to the vet.Is it safe to use an antibiotic cream for people on a cat's external wound?
It is safe to use a human cream on them. Just use a small amount. My mother-in-laws cat had a bad allergic reaction and had open sores on her back legs and hips. We used a small amount of Neosporin on her and she healed up just fine. I would still take her to the vets just in case. You don't want the poor kitty to get an infection. She might want to lick off the Neosporin. Try to keep her from doing that too much. I don't think it is a good idea to ingest antibiotic cream. Good luck. Hope your kitty gets better soon.
I always have done that with no problem. First I clean the area with hydrogen peroxide (which with little wounds is all you really need to do, several time a day apply with a cotton ball) I would stop here if I were you.

If it's the wound is a bit deeper I use antibiotic cream but dont' use a big hunk of it (the cat will lick) Try to rub it in the skin if the cat will let you.

Hope kitty is better soon!
I know that everyone means well on here. But don't use peroxide on your pet. My vet told this to me when my cat had scratched his chin open. Just clean it with a moist cloth and put the Neosporin on until tomorrow.
neosporin as long as it is not the type with the pain reliever in it...
Towards the end of my previous cats life, he wasn't grooming himself as well, and got a few ticks. After I removed them, I put a little triple antibiotic ointment on them just as precaution. All 3 times the ';bite'; wound healed up nicely and he had no adverse reactions.

Good idea to take him to the vet tomorrow, though. If it was a fight wound, he could have picked up something.
The Neosporin will be fine. It is often used on animals, and has no bad side effects.

Make sure you rinse the wounds or wipe them with a wet wash cloth carefully, before applying the cream.
We have used neosporin quite often and seems to be harmless and works well.

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